GatePay Hakkında

Paying with cryptocurrency sucks - especially with Bitcoin. So, we're building a payment processing company, GatePay, which enables consumers to spend cryptocurrency in retail (and other) stores instantly, seamlessly, and at a low cost.


GatePay lets you pay with cryptocurrency instantly and at a low cost. By using double-spend prevention, GatePay users are able to make and accept zero-confirmation on-chain payments - a solution tor in-person, online, and P2P payments. GatePay double-spend prevention mechanism use a brand new on-chain scaling approach called "insurance transactions" - allowing people to make instant cryptocurrency payments. This transaction uses the blockchain mempool layer as a payment method by scaling blockchain with the blockchain itself, virtually eliminating a wait time and massively reducing fees it is a transaction set up by GatePay to be sent to the network on behalf of the payee should the payer attempt to double-spend, and thereby removing the payer's incentive to double-spend.